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I’m Mike Cottam, your trusted website partner.

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Hello, my name is Mike Cottam – your trusted WordPress support specialist. With over 10 years experience in building and managing websites, I am here to help you reduce your to-do list by outsourcing your WordPress site tasks.

About me

I am a WordPress specialist, with 10+ years experience in building and managing websites, the majority of which has been spent using WordPress. I take pride in explaining techno-babble-jargon in simple, easy to understand formats.

I live on the Isle of Man with Liz, my amazing wife, Sam and our rescued greyhound Bobby (who has never actually raced, he prefers to spend his days lounging on the sofa).

About my work

In a nutshell, I provide WordPress website support to solopreneurs and small businesses who want to reduce their to-list. I also build and manage elearning platforms that are powered on WordPress and LearnDash.

On occasion you can find me crafting LinkedIn banners, or training a nervous WordPress user on the finer points of web design. All good stuff.


To help solopreneurs and small businesses work smarter not harder when it comes to running their WordPress website.

I will achieve this by providing WordPress support services that help my clients manage their time better, freeing them up to focus on growing their business rather than spending time working on their website.


– To deliver my services with traditional customer service ethics.
– To always work professionally at all times.
– To be open and honest in all communication.
– To challenge convention when required.

Be a small business smartypants.