Five things I wish I had asked my web designer

I often come across the same issues that my clients face when they have hired ‘another’ web designer to build their website. And as a result, I have been able to boil all of the issues down to 5 questions that, if asked, would have prevented my clients from having such a crap time with their website.

Five questions to ask your new web designer

  1. What content management system (CMS) do you use? – you need to know whether the CMS is publicly available (such as WordPress) or if its their own product. If it’s their own product, you may be tied into using them for content updates and it could cause issues further down the line if you want to change the design or your site (or change web designer).
  2. What does ‘custom design’ actually mean? – find out if they really are creating a website from scratch, or are they using an off-the-shelf template that is then customised? Hint – if they are using a customised theme, then the cost should be way lower than a custom built website.
  3. Is all of the content editable by me once the site is launched? – you need to be able to edit the content on your website yourself. If they say no, then you’ll be tied into using them for content edits (see number 1).
  4. What training do you provide once the site is launched? – you should receive training on how to edit your website once it’s launched.
  5. What level of login access do I have to the CMS? – once your website is launched (if not before), you should receive a user login for the CMS of your site. Ensure that this gives you full administrator access, otherwise you’ll have issues with being able to access certain parts of your site.

These may seem odd questions to ask, but if you want to be able to have full access to your site and its content, plus have the freedom to change web designer further down the line, then these are the questions you should be asking.

At CottamWeb, I always ensure my clients get full access to their site and I am open and honest by providing full details of the web design process.

If you need any advice on choosing a reputable web designer or you need guidance on your next website project, get in touch.

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