Launch your site with confidence with this content readiness checklist

So you’ve built your website and you are ready to press the ‘go live’ button… it’s so exciting! But wait, have you actually checked the content to make sure everything is OK BEFORE going live?

This is what can happen if you launch your website into the wide wide world before ensuring that the content is correct:

Follow my pre-launch content readiness checklist to make sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted… and there’s absolutely NO Lorem Ipsum text anywhere and you can safely go live without the risk of red faces.

The pre-launch content readiness checklist


Check the content on every web page for the following:

  • No Lorem Ipsum holding text – make sure that all holding text has been replaced with your own content;
  • Correct Spelling and grammar – make sure your content is free from spelling and grammar errors;
  • Good use of Headings – make sure your content is broken down into smaller chunks of paragraphs, with descriptive headings separating section of each page;
  • Images have ALT tags – your images should have ‘ALT’ tags assigned to them, as this will help with accessibility and SEO;
  • Images are replaced – make sure any demo images have been replaced with your own or suitably sourced stock images;
  • Images are compressed – make sure your images have been compressed to a smaller file size, ensuring fast loading;
  • No broken links – test each link to make sure it works. Also make sure links to external sites open in new tabs.


Check each navigation section on your site for the following:

  • Suitably descriptive titles – if you are using different titles to link to each page, ensure the text is descriptive, otherwise your site visitor will have difficulty navigating your site;
  • No broken links – make sure all of the links in the navigation menus actually work.

Following the above content readiness checklist will help to ensure all of the content on your website is ready before you go live.

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Mike is a WordPress specialist with 10+ years experience in website design and management.