Recommended Businesses

Service providers I highly recommend.

Below is a list of service providers who I have either worked with or highly recommend. All of them are exceptional at what they do and will provide you with the best service in their field of expertise.

Small businesses need to support each other, so please give your support to these businesses when you are looking for their expertise. And if you do contact any of them, tell them I sent you :-)

Web DesignersGraphic DesignersCopywriters, Editors and ProofreadersLinkedInWebsite Analytics


Web Designers

Below is a list of website designers. If you need help building your website or managing an existing site – and I can’t help – these guys and girls will take good care of you.

  • Chris Wilcox at Light Bulb Web Design – Chris specialises in visitor focused websites, ecommerce and SEO.
  • Holly Christie at This Demanding Life – Holly builds beautiful, unique websites for small businesses.
  • Claire Kirkham at Freaky by Design – Claire specialises in Wix websites, brand identity and social media.

Graphic Designers

If you need graphic design of any kind, be it for your website or social media content, these businesses are definitely worth a look.

  • Alison Harkins at Limelite Creative – Alison provides bespoke visual branding to small businesses.
  • Dave Officer at DoodleJuice – Dave delivers bold visual branding solutions to his clients.

Copywriters, Copy Editors and Proofreaders

You know I hate Lorem Ipsum of any kind, so these amazing copywriters, copy editors and proofreaders will help you keep me happy :-).

  • Synne Linden at Lindentree – Synne provides growth-driven creative writing services for SMB’s and entrepreneurs, with a focus on purpose and integrity.
  • Vivienne Neil at Detail Matters – Vivienne is a highly respected copy-editor and proofreader, serving small businesses across the UK.
  • Claire Cronshaw at Cherry Edits – Claire is a proofreader and a copyeditor, specialising in indie fiction.
  • John Espirian at Espirian – John is the relentlessly helpful B2B copywriter, providing webpage, blog writing and case studies.


LinkedIn is the number one professional networking platform on the web. If you need help improving your LinkedIn profile, these guys and girls can help.

  • Jessica Jones at Jessica Jones Online – Jessica is an amazing LinkedIn specialist, providing profile reviews, coaching and more.
  • John Espirian at Espirian – Yep, this is the second time John has appeared on this page! As well as being an ace copywriter, John is also a LinkedIn guru!
  • Mike Roberts at LinkedIn 101 – As well as being an all-round good egg, Mike is a LinkedIn whizz.

Website Analytics

Monitoring traffic to your website is crucial if you are to grow your site.

  • Fathom Analytics – I personally use this service to analyse traffic to my website. They are privacy-focused and fo not harvest your site visitors personal details.