Introducing Learndash

Welcome to the first topic in this lesson, an introduction to LearnDash.

LearnDash is a learning management system (LMS) plugin for WordPress, that enables you to create and sell online courses direct from your own WordPress website.

There’s no need for your users to access a different platform, or sign-in to a different website; all courses are delivered from your own site.

Who uses LearnDash?

If you are a trainer, coach or service based business that delivers training to your clients, then you can use LearnDash to create online courses.

Case Study: Intelect Group

Colin Tansley is a former police officer who now trains clients on cyber security and business risk. Until the COVID pandemic, Colin delivered most of his training in a physical environment.

In order to adapt, Colin had to find a new way to deliver his training and so he turned to elearning as a solution. We built a new elearning platform using his existing website and LearnDash.

The new platform now allows Colin to create and sell courses online, without the need for a physical building.

The cost of LearnDash

At the time of writing, the LearnDash plugin is available at the following prices:

If you want to find out ore about the latest pricing for LearnDash, click here.

OK, let’s head to the next topic and learn how easy it is to set LearnDash up.

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