LearnDash add-ons

Let’s have a look at LearnDash add-ons that make your elearning platform even more powerful!

You can use LearnDash to create and sell online courses straight out of the box. However, like any good product, the team at LearnDash have created some really cool add-ons – free for license holders – that will expand the capabilities of your elearning platform.

You can access the add-ons from your LearnDash menu:

All of these add-ons give extra features and functions for ecommerce, memberships, layout and design and much more. Some of the add-ons do require you to have that plugin active (for example Woocommerce).

LearnDash third party add-ons

As well as the free add-ons, LearnDash also provides third party add-ons, which are created and managed by third party companies; you will also need to pay for most of them.

Whether you need any of these add-ons, depends on the nature of your website and the interaction required. For example, one of my clients works with corporate entities and needs to provide in-depth user reports, so we have purchased the Uncanny Toolkit Pro add-on.

Alright, let’s move on and look at how easy it is to create courses in LearnDash.