LearnDash compatible themes

Let’s look at how LearnDash works with your WordPress theme.

Here’s the good news: LearnDash will work with almost all WordPress themes, so the theme you’re using should work just fine. As we looked at in the last topic, LearnDash can be configured to match your branding.

LearnDash specific themes

If you haven’t yet settled on a theme for your website, then you may want to consider a theme that has been created specifically for online courses / LearnDash.

The following example themes are part of the ‘Astra’ WordPress theme templates that can be downloaded for free:

Demo links: Academy Theme / Education Theme / Python Course Theme

Suggested reading – WordPress theme list at LearnDash

A Google search will provide you with many more options to view and purchase a LearnDash specific theme for your website.

But remember, it’s not essential – LearnDash will adapt to your existing theme.

Ok, next up we will look at the available add-ons to make your elearning platform even more powerful.

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