Managing users

A successful online course can attract thousands of users, so it’s important to be able to manage them effectively.

LearnDash has a few options that are available to you, to help you manage users. From users point of view, they have access to their own course dashboard, which gives them details about the courses they have enrolled into and the progress they are making through each course:

From a website owners perspective, out of the box LearnDash is quite limited in terms of user management. You are able to export generic reports about your users.

You can also manually add users to a course, by accessing this feature in the settings section of the course itself:

There are off course, add-ons and third party plugins that you can purchase if you wish to extend the reporting capabilities of LearnDash.

And that’s it…

So we’ve come to the end of this quick introduction to LearnDash, I hope that you enjoyed it and that it gave you an insight into this amazing piece of software.

Now, remember that quiz I told you about? Head back to the course page and you can start the quiz – remember, it’s just for fun!