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Stellar website support for busy businesses.

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A website is not a set and forget product; it requires regular backing up and updating if it’s to perform at its best and provide you with a return on your investment. But let’s face it, would you rather be spending time updating your website, or growing your business doing what you love? I thought so, and that’s where I can help with a range of pay monthly or as you go website support.

  • "Mike is very helpful and provided me with some support for my website, he helps you learn so you can be more confident with your software and your abilities! His websites are fresh, modern, clean, and are made in WordPress so you can easily add a blog or make minor changes easily. Thanks for your help!"

    JJJJSocial Media Expert

Pay as you go WordPress website support

If you don't need a monthly plan, then my 'pay as you go' service may be just the ticket.

  • Content

    I can help with content management - adding new content, amending or deleting existing content.
  • Design

    I can help with making design teaks to your site, or can source, install and customise anew WordPress theme.
  • Performance

    Need to speed up your site? I can help with site reviews to highlight where your site performance can be improved.
  • Compliance

    I can provide a comprehensive review and report of your website to ensure it is GDPR compliant.

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